World's #1 Adult Film Star
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How To Give A Girl The Most Orgasmic Experience Of Her Entire Life… No Matter What Your Age Or Size… And Even If You've Never Slept With A Woman Before!

Here's How To Master ALL 6 Types of Female Orgasms And Give Your Woman The Type Of "Oh My God!!" Sexual Experience She Can't Get From Anyone Else...

From Asa Akira - Google Ranked #1 Adult Film Star in the World & AVN's 2013 Female Performer of The Year

Hey it's Asa,

And I want you to do something for me….

Take a second, and imagine what it's like when a woman has an orgasm:

Her eyes start rolling back in her head, her toes curl up in ecstasy…

She's clawing up your back with her fingernails, screaming so loud it wakes the neighbors…

Her hair is wild, the sheets are soaking wet…

And afterward…totally exhausted, her body still trembling...with a huge smile on her face…

They way she looks at you, you know she'd do ANYTHING for you in that moment.

You feel like THE MAN….like a SEX GOD!!

What if I told you there was a way to guarantee she comes like that EVERY TIME you have sex…no matter your age or experience, how long you've been together with her, or how big (or small) you are "down there"…

My name is Asa Akira.

You might know me from one of my 400 adult films, or maybe you're one of my 357,000 Twitter followers.

Asa Akira, AVN's 2013 Female Performer of the Year

I was named "Female Performer of the Year" at the 2013 AVN Awards, which are the Oscars of the Adult Industry.

I'm also a director, a writer, and I host one of the highest-rated podcasts on the planet every week…

For the past 3 years, I have also worked as a Personal Sex Coach to help couples improve their sex lives.

Teaching people how to have AMAZING SEX is my passion, and I consider myself an expert on the subject.

In just a minute, I'm going to share with you an advanced technique for next-level sex that will totally blow any woman's mind in bed…making her think "OMG That is the BEST SEX I've EVER HAD!"…every time you have sex with her!

Before I share it with you, though, I need to warn you:

Due to an exclusive contract I just signed with a leading adult film company who wants to limit my exposure, this page will not be up for long…

So you MUST read the whole thing now!

Let's get started!

I Can Teach You to Be a Sexual Wizard!!

So, I get a TON of letters & emails from my fans…

And the #1 Question I get, by far, is something like this:

Asa, how can I really blow a girl's mind in bed?

Of course, the #2 Question would probably be, "Asa, can I have a date with you?"…but not always in those words! ;)

But back to the #1 question…

So many guys just don't have a clue how to satisfy a woman in bed.

I mean, it kind of amazes me how many guys are just plain BAD at sex…

It's something my girlfriends & I talk about all the time!

I can't tell you the number of times I've heard a girlfriend say something like,"I'm with this really great guy, but he just doesn't know how to make me come…I don't know what to do!"

Most of the time, a girl will just fake her orgasms to keep from hurting a guy's feelings….

But when the sex is that bad, a woman can only fake it for so long before she decides to leave.

And I know so many guys WANT to be better lovers, because I hear from them all the time! Guys like Desmond:

"Asa, I love your work, I want to have the kind of crazy sex I see you doing on film…is there a trick I could learn that would let me pull off those extreme things i see in your videos? If so, please teach me!" - Desmond, Fresno, CA

Actually, I blame a lot of the men's magazines out there…you know the ones, pictures of hot girls on the covers & always some lame sex advice inside…

Take it from me, the advice you get in the magazines is 99% CRAP…and can actually do more harm than good.

Well, after getting SO MANY letters from guys all around the world, I thought I might try to help…

"There's a reason Asa is the biggest star in adult films today - she's a sexual dynamo! She is truly passionate about great sex, and she knows more about the female body - and how to make it feel AMAZING - than anybody I've ever met. She's also a terrific communicator and a whole lot of fun to be around. I've learned more from her about sex than I have from anybody else in the biz - and that's saying something!"
- Marcus London, Adult film star & director

After all, I've got a TON of sexual expertise from my work in adult films…

And I have gained some advanced knowledge into what I call "Orgasm Science" - how to please a woman so TOTALLY, she literally won't know what hit her!

I thought I could use my experience to teach guys how to be total ROCK STARS in the bedroom…

It would be better for the guys, and better for us girls, too…because we'd be having more orgasms & BETTER SEX!

I had thought about it for a long time…and it finally came together for me when I met another adult star, Shawna Lenee…

The circumstances of our meeting were a little unusual, to say the least…Let's just say we got to know each other really well…;)

But it ended up being the perfect opportunity for me to finally FIX this problem that so many of you guys are having!

That's how Shawna & I came up with the idea of a video course that would actually teach you how to make any woman come so hard, she'll have no idea what hit her…and give you the ability to do it EVERY TIME you have sex!

The Solution to Bad Sex Has Arrived!

I'm very excited to bring you "Asa Akira Teaches Sex!"

In it, me & a few of my hottest girlfriends from adult films will actually show you the techniques, step-by-step, for totally satisfying any woman.

These are ADVANCED TECHNIQUES that have been tested & proven to work for all women…I have personally mastered them on my rise to the top of the adult film world.

I used them to create the first complete program for Female Sexual Satisfaction…

One that has literally EVERYTHING in it you'd ever need to know to give a woman the sexual experience of a lifetime…

By the time you finish it, you'll have the skills to make you a SEXUAL WIZARD!!

The ability to turn any woman into putty, making her ALL YOURS…not within days or even hours, but within minutes of being intimate with you!

And since us girls talk so much about sex with each other..once you satisfy one girl, ALL her friends are gonna know about it, and start looking at you differently…trust me.

You'll gain so much Sexual Confidence, you'll have scores of women lining up for you…and a phone full of more female numbers than you can possibly handle in one lifetime.

Basically, you'll be in a position where you'll be turning down sex, because you just don't have time for it.

And that's a pretty great position for any guy to be in! =)

Listen to a few of my students who have had success using this amazing new technique:"

my sex life...went from 'meh' to WOW fast
"Been married for 6 years now, we started out strong but i noticed the love had started to go out of the relationship. we hardly ever had sex, and to be honest i'm not sure if i ever gave my wife an orgasm before. well, all that's changed now after getting coaching from Asa. Using orgasmic confusion has made my sex life take a total 180…it went from "meh" to WOW fast…the techniques are super easy to learn. The "15 Minute Orgasm" alone is worth it, my wife is happier, smiles more…and always wants sex! Thank you Asa, you're the master!'
- J.T., Houston, TX

able to give her HUGE orgasm every time…she never wants to leave the bed
"Asa i never had a problem attracting women, but getting them to stay, that's another story. I had recently met a girl (through online dating site) and i thought she was THE ONE…we dated a few times, including got intimate with each other…i thought things were going great but she soon stopped returning my calls, with no explanation. this has happened ot me before…i finally thought, maybe it's the sex. maybe there is something i can do. Your coaching program was it! i met a new girl & am able to give her HUGE orgasm every time…without a doubt, she is happy, she never wants to leave the bed! and i am happy too!"
- Mayur, Sacramento, CA

what can i say IT WORKS!
"i never thought of myself as a guy who needed any help in the bedroom. but one night a few months ago my girlfriend of 2 years got drunk & admitted that she had never had an orgasm with me! that hurt. i went to asa, she taught me her system…and what can i say IT WORKS! now i'm using her techniques to give her different types of orgasms every night, even combination orgasm like you demonstrate in the program! and let's just say my girlfriend is pretty happy too…twice last week she gave me a blowjob as soon as i walked in the door form work! So nice!! this stuff changed my life, recommend it to any guy!"
- Derrick, Newark, NJ

Use "Orgasmic Confusion" to Blow Her Mind…EVERY TIME!!

The techniques in "Asa Akira Teaches Sex!" are all based on the idea of "Orgasmic Confusion."

This is similar to the idea of "Muscle Confusion," which I'm sure you've heard of…

It's based on science which shows that if you keep doing the same workouts over & over, you'll stop getting the results you want from exercise.

"Muscle Confusion" is about constantly changing up your workouts so you keep building muscle…

And it's proven to be the most effective way to keep getting great results!

"Orgasmic Confusion" is the same idea…it's based on the fact that women are capable of several different types of orgasms…

And if a girl only gets one kind of orgasm, over & over again…she's not going to be all that impressed. =(

In order to really blow her mind sexually, you have to give her different types of orgasms in the same session…

And you have to keep changing it up each time you have sex with her in order to keep satisfying her!

I'll give you special sequences of positions & other advanced techniques that will allow you to master "Orgasmic Confusion"…

So that you'll Rock her World the FIRST TIME you have sex, with multiple kinds of orgasms….

And you'll keep AMAZING her with your technique EVERY TIME you have sex afterwards…

She'll never know what to expect from you, and she'll NEVER get bored of the sex!

Before I get into the specifics of this technique, you must first understand this important FACT about women…

All Women can Have 6 Different Types of Orgasms

Hopefully, every guy nowadays knows that women have clitoral orgasms…and some of you may even know how to give a girl G-Spot Orgasms...

But if you want to fully satisfy her in bed…if you want to make her think, beyond a doubt, that you are THE BEST lover she has ever had…

You have to be able to give her all 6 types of orgasms. And that's just what my program is designed to teach you.

The 6 Types of Female Orgasms

Here's what they are:

- Clitoral Orgasms -The most basic type of female orgasm, you MUST be able to give these as a bare minimum! Every girl can give herself one of these using either her fingers, or a $20 vibrator.

These orgasms feel good to a girl, but since she can give one pretty easily to herself, she expects you to be able to give her something MORE INTENSE and MORE POWERFUL than what she can give herself...

- G-Spot Orgasms - An internal Orgasm, more powerful than a clitoral orgasm. Almost all girls have had one of these orgasms…and many expect to have one during sex nowadays.

Being able to give a girl a G-Spot Orgasm puts you in the category of "above average" for sure…

- Deep Spot Orgasms - Deeper inside the vagina than the G-Spot, these are more rare, but even more powerful…and can last TWICE as long!

Once almost unknown, many more girls have experienced them these days. If you can give a girl one of these, she is most likely going to be pretty impressed…

- Multiple Orgasms - When a woman has an orgasm - either a clitoral or a G-Spot orgasm, usually - over & over again very rapidly...these can go on for hours.

This is a VERY exciting feeling for a woman…and it is extremely rare. However, every girl has heard about this kind of orgasm, and dreams about experiencing it for herself! Very addictive!

- Squirting Orgasms - Literally an orgasm where a girl squirts fluid, this is done by stimulating the Skene's glands, which are located near the G-Spot.

A squirting Orgasm is MUCH more intense than a G-Spot Orgasm, though. It is usually done with a hand technique, but can also be done through penetration sex.

These are becoming very popular…If you can do this, you're on your way to becoming a real SEX GOD!

- Extended Orgasms (The 15 Minute Orgasm) - This is just what it sounds like, an orgasm that lasts up to 15 minutes! You must know a somewhat complicated technique to master it, but once you do, there is nothing else like it for a woman.

There is really nothing like it, and only a handful of guys are aware of the complicated technique you must perform in order to pull it off. It can take up to 30 minutes to get there…but if you do, a girl will be overwhelmed with pleasure!

This is definitely the Ultimate Orgasm for a woman!

All women can experience each of these types of orgasms, whether she knows it or not…

What's more, it is actually possible to make two or more of these types of orgasms occur at the SAME TIME…this is called a COMBINATION ORGASM, and it is very intense for a woman!

And mastering all 6 of these orgasms is the basis of my "Orgasmic Confusion" technique…

You'll learn advanced positions & the techniques designed to give her each type of orgasm…

And you'll also get special sequences of these positions designed to create "Orgasmic Confusion"…so she never knows what to expect from you in the bedroom, and she keeps having MIND-BLOWING ORGASMS every time you fuck her!!

This is a technique I have perfected over the years as a sex superstar…and now, all my knowledge & expertise can be YOURS as well!

And the technique itself is pretty easy to learn…any guy, at any age, can learn it in just a few short hours!

How You Can Learn to Give A Woman The BEST SEX She's EVER Had,

It's all in this limited offer, "Asa Akira Teaches Sex"………

In it, you will get the complete guide to mastering the female body…not just how to give her each of the 6 types of orgasm..but ALL the special sex sequences designed for "Orgasmic Confusion."

"Asa Akira Teaches Sex" is the closest thing you will ever get to having an Owner's Manual for the Female Body!!

You're gonna get LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS where me & my hot girlfriends will show you exactly how to rock any woman's body like NO GUY has ever rocked it before.

This is no boring old-fashioned sex ed video like you saw in school!

These are explicit, hardcore scenes with some of the hottest girls on film today!

There are 7 sections of this program, each one an hour long, and each jam packed with super-advanced techniques demonstrated step-by-step by me & my bisexual girlfriends.

Let me tell you more about what you'll get in this program:

The first section of this program is called
Extreme Foreplay for Sexual Addiction

Romi Rain - She's funny, smart, and smoking HOT!!

In it, you'll see me & my sexy-as-hell girlfriend Romi Rain get together to show you the first part of ANY sex sequence - the foreplay techniques that lay for the foundation for powerful orgasms!

I can't overstate the importance of GREAT FOREPLAY…without it, you will NEVER give a woman an orgasm….period.

But it's not enough to know one or tow foreplay techniques…her body will get used to them very quickly, and she'll stop responding!

In this section, you'll learn several innovative foreplay techniques based on the latest scientific discoveries

For example, did you know that just by turning your head to the right while kissing a girl can make a HUGE difference?

Scientists in Germany found this makes you seem more caring, flooding her system with the 'love' chemical oxytocin, which allows her to come quickly. This is just ONE of the many great tips you'll learn here...

Romi & I get naked & nasty together, and you'll see it all in explicit detail as we take you through 8 patented foreplay sequences you can put in rotation to make her absolutely addicted to you

You'll get:

- A weird tongue trick that gets her wetter than just about anything else

- Tips for hot & heavy making out/heavy petting that will get her so turned on she'll be begging for you to fuck her even if you just met!

- How to touch her, and where, to get her so turned on she's guaranteed to come like she never has before.

- How to TALK DIRTY to her - this is maybe the #1most important quality that makes a top-notch lover.

- A special trick to use on her upper body that triggers an INTENSE reaction downstairs (This gets her SUPER turned on & BEGGING for you to touch her down there!)

- And lots more!

The next segment is called The OMG! Oral Orgasm

Monique Alexander, former Wicked girl & 5 Star pussy eater

Here, me & expert pussy-licker Monique Alexander demonstrate everything you need to know about giving a girl amazing ORAL SEX.

Every girl wants oral from her man. No, I take that back - she NEEDS oral. If you don't do it, she will eventually leave you for someone who will.

But most guys simply do not know how to do it RIGHT. And there's nothing worse than getting BAD head from a guy.

Monique & I take turns going down on each other, and you'll see it all in juicy detail as we take you step-by-step through the techniques that you MUST know to give her unforgettable oral orgasms.

You'll learn:

- THE TONGUE TRICKS you need to get her off…but also what you must do with your fingers!

- The different types of orgasms you can give her from oral sex. Did you know you can actually give her a G-Spot Orgasm during oral? I'll show you HOW

- The little-known Kivin Method which involves stroking the clitoral hood during oral sex for an AMAZING orgasm.

- How to know if she's responding to what you're doing, or if wants you to stop - and what you SHOULD do if she does.

- The one TABOO act that every girl craves during oral..but none will admit to!

- Which direction you should LICK in to maximize clitoral stimulation

- And much more!

AND here's the deal… if you give a girl great oral, she is going to want to return the favor. That's how it works!

Give a girl great oral sex, and you are GUARANTEED to get more blowjobs from your girl...and to get BETTER, sloppier blowjobs, too!

Next up is Extreme Sex God Positions

Capri Cavanni - Hotter than a tin roof in July!

There is no hotter girl in porn today than Penthouse Pet Capri Cavanni…she's one of my best friends in the biz & she knows almost as much about sex as I do!

That's why I got her for this segment of the program, which is all about the most advanced, EXTREME sex positions you need to know to satisfy your woman with EVERY type of female orgasm.

Not only are you going to get ALL the wild positions you need to know to keep changing up your sex routine every night…you'll get special sequences of positions designed to maximize the orgasmic effect it has on her….

Capri & I will guide you through these sequences, step-by-step in HOT, raunchy detail…so you'll learn exactly how to guide her to different types of climaxes - Clitoral Orgasms, G-Spot Orgasms, MULTIPLE ORGASMS…and more!

You'll even learn how to STACK one orgasm on top of the other…giving her amazing COMBINATION ORGASMS she's never had before….this stuff is ESSENTIAL for the technique of Orgasmic Confusion, and a MUST for any guy who wants to keep his girl interested!

You'll also learn:

- All the EXTREME stuff you see in porn - Reverse Cowgirl, Standing Sex Positions, plus new variations on doggystyle & missionary you've NEVER seen before.

- Special positions that actually make you seem much BIGGER & THICKER inside of her, and also which ones are the best for letting you last longer….

- The best positions for clitoral orgasms, the best ones for G-spot orgasms….and even special sequences of positions designed to tease her into extended multiple orgasms

- Positions for maximizing eye contact & intimacy, making for super-intense passionate sex…AND the best positions for dominant, aggressive sex. Simply follow this formula & give her the most mind-blowing sex she's ever had!

- And TONS more hot stuff!

A special segment on Multiple Squirting Orgasms by my friend, and the Squirting Master, Marcus London!

Marcus London, Innovator of the Squirting Orgasm

By now,you know about the Squirting Orgasm…this is one of the most INTENSE orgasms a woman can have. Also known as "Female Ejaculation," it is similar to a male orgasm, except WAY more intense…and a LOT wetter!

Marcus perfected the technique for making ANY girl have one of these amazing orgasms…he even gave me one during a scene, and let me tell you, there is nothing that compares to it…until now, that is.

Marcus developed a new technique for MULTIPLE SQUIRTING ORGASMS…which is when you can make a girl squirt again…and again…and AGAIN! Even if she's never squirted before!

In this special program, Marcus demonstrated the technique on first-time squirter Ana Morna. Just 19, she's brand new to the industry, drop-dead gorgeous, and TOTALLY WILD!

Ana Morna - Young, beautiful, and squirts like a geyser - 6 times! - for her first time EVER!

You'll see this young beauty squirt clear across the room, over & over again, in one of the hottest scenes I've ever witnessed!

You'll discover the only ONE thing that gives your girl more sexual pleasure than a squirting orgasm… MULTIPLE squirting orgasms!

And after watching this explicit tutorial you'll know exactly how to give your girl this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You'll also learn:

- The exact spot you must touch on a woman to make her squirt (And a foolproof way to find it on any girl in seconds…the very first time you try!)

- The exact amount of fingers to use, where & how to use them, and how much pressure (You'll be amazed at how easy it actually is!)

- The "secret" sex position that causes multiple squirting orgasms during penetration!

- How often you should give a girl Multiple Squirting Orgasms

- What to do with your fingers that AREN'T inside of her (This is VERY important! Many guys miss this & when they do, it's unlikely she'll have an orgasm)

- The science of HOW squirting orgasms happen & WHY they are so INTENSE for a woman

- How to "warm her up" so that when you do touch her secret squirt spot, she is ready to blow like a fountain!


Next up is ADDICTIVE ORGASMS with sexy, kinky Dana DeArmond!

Dana DeArmond, one of the most popular stars of today…and also one of the wildest!

This is what it's all about. I got Dana because she's one of the smartest girls in the biz & she knows literally EVERYTHING about sex!

In this section, Dana & I will fully explain ALL 6 types of female orgasms. You'll learn exactly how they feel to a woman, and tips for getting a girl in the right mood for each one.

Then, Dana & I get together to demonstrate the BEST POSITIONS for each type of orgasm…and then you'll learn how to combine them into special sequences that are TOTALLY INTENSE, and 100% ADDICTIVE.

You'll learn simple variations on old positions like missionary & doggystlye that will actually MULTIPLY the orgasmic impact they have on a woman…and you'll see exactly how to do it, step-by-step, as we demonstrate on each other with our trusty strap-on!

You'll also learn:

- What positions make it easier to LAST LONGER with a woman

- The one thing you must do before entering a girl that will allow her to have Multiple Orgasms (if you forget this, she's not likely to come AT ALL!)

- Why ALL women love Doggystyle…and the one thing you can do with your hands while you're inside he that will give her an AMAZING Combination Orgasm

- What to do differently if a woman is having trouble coming…you'll get tips for varying your technique to guarantee she comes EVERY TIME

- One simple trick you can do to prolong ANY female orgasm by up to five full minutes!! (DO this right, and she'll be begging you for sex night & day just to get this orgasm again!)

- And a whole lot more!!

The next section of the program is
Bring Out Her Inner Porn Star

Maddy O'Reilly - Don't let her innocent looks fool you - she's a WILD CHILD!

It's all about getting a girl to show you her WILD SIDE, no matter how conservative she might be outside the bedroom!

For this, I got the only girl for the job - sexy spitfire Maddy O'Reilly, who truly likes it a bit ROUGH!

ALL women like a little bit of ROUGH SEX - slapping, choking, dirty talk. BUt you have to know how to do it RIGHT..

Because if you go about it the wrong way, you'll never get it again. And trust me, your girl wants this - if you don't give it to her, she's gonna get it from somebody else

You'll also learn about light bondage, role playing, costumes - these are all a part of bringing the element of fantasy into your sex life. This is an exciting way to rekindle the romance in a relationship.

Learn how to bring out the wild side of any girl, even the most timid. Live out your porno fantasies with your woman…I'll show you how to make her excited about pleasing you ANY WAY YOU WANT.

In this section, you'll learn:

- How to get her in the right mood for some of the rough stuff

- The one TABOO that all women fantasize about, and how to get her to do it with you if she's timid

- What you must NEVER say to a girl - EVER - when talking dirty…this is a guaranteed turn-off & will keep her from orgasming

- How to know when you're being too rough…and when you're not being rough enough!

-the one household object to use during spanking that will double the amount she gets turned on!

- And more!

The final section of this program is ALL about
"The 15 Minute Orgasm"!

This is absolutely the ULTIMATE ORGASM for a woman…it is based on the discovery of the Extended Sexual Orgasm (ESO) Technique in the mid-80s by a pair of German researchers…

They perfected a technique for giving a woman an orgasm that literally lasts up to fifteen full minutes!

This is seriously advanced stuff...

But if you can pull it off, there is NOTHING more intense for a woman. This will literally BLOW HER MIND, leave her totally exhausted with pleasure, and make her INSTANTLY ADDICTED to the man who gave it to her….

This is the NUCLEAR WEAPON of sexual techniques!

The sultry Kendall Karson has an orgasm that lasts a FULL 15 MINUTES…you must see it to believe it!

Marcus London shows you step-by-step how to achieve this ULTRA-POWERFUL ORGASM as he gives one to the lusty Kendall Karson in this steamy demonstration…

Kendall literally screams in pleasure as she experiences wave after wave of orgasmic delight…for over 15 minutes!…all from this amazing new technique.

And the best part is, any guy can learn how to do it…no matter your age or experience, no matter your "size."

This technique should be a part of any guy's bag of tricks who is serious about truly satisfying a woman…and this program is the complete guide to learning how to do it.

Here's more of what you'll learn in this part of the program:

- What you must do to prepare a girl for this intense orgasm

- The one thing that will kill your chances of success with this technique

- Special exercises you can do to improve your ESO Technique

- The science of HOW this orgasm works…and WHY

- How to DOUBLE the intensity of the orgasm with one EASY-to-learn trick!

- and MORE!

When You Order NOW You Get 3 Special Bonus Programs!

And, when you order "Asa Akira Teaches Sex," you're also going to get not one…but THREE very special Bonus programs…ABSOLUTELY FREE!

These are only for friends of Shawna's…and only when you order "Asa Akira Teaches Sex" NOW as part of this one-time only offer…

Let me tell you all about these exciting Bonus Offers…

The first Special Bonus is actually 3 individual programs that all feature my friend, Marcus London, and are designed to work together as one program I call "The Instant Stamina Cure."

This is all about giving you everything you need for ROCK-SOLID, ALL-NIGHT STAMINA.

You've GOT to be able to last long enough with a woman to give her the kind of orgasms she craves…one study shows that on average, women require a minimum of seven minutes of penetration to reach orgasm…

However, that's just for a clitoral orgasm…to give her a G-Spot Orgasm, you must be able to last at least 20 minutes!

And that's what "The Instant Stamina Cure" is all about.

I. The first part of this Bonus is: "SUPER HUMAN STAMINA"

In it, Marcus London demonstrates his latest, mental & physical stamina techniques.

To do this, he demonstrates on not one…but TWO GIRLS...At the same time!

The white-hot Adriana Chechik & the lusty Taralynn Foxx do their naughty best to make Marcus blow it too soon! You'll see exactly how Marcus is able to last as long as he chooses with there girls, and he'll explain in detail all the techniques he uses to last!

Adriana Chechik

Taralynn Foxx

Adriana Chechik

Taralynn Foxx

II. The second program of this 3-part Super-Bonus is the "ERECTION STRENGTH TRAINING SEMINAR"

Here, Marcus London shows you how he prepares for a sex scene, and gives you all his pro tips (including WHICH pills you should take, and which you should NEVER take) for improving the hardness of your erection…

This is a definite MUST-SEE for any guy interested in lasting longer…he'll also give you tips that can maximize the size of your erection, no matter what "size" you are now...

III. Part 3 of this bonus is the "STAMINA TRAINER 2.0"

Kirsten Price, a "Perfect Ten" - if you can last 10 minutes with her, you can go all night with any other girl!

This special program allows you to practice some "self-love" (the only proven way to increase your stamina) in order to literally train your body to keep from coming.

Here, Kirsten Price - one of the hottest girls I've personally ever seen - will tempt you in a blistering solo scene. A "tension meter" appears to help you measure & control your arousal.

I watched this scene myself, and let me tell you, it is RED HOT…definitely NOT to be missed!

If you can last the full length of this HOT segment, you're SURE to last all night with any girl you'll meet in real life!

For those guys serious about stamina, this 3-part bonus is a NO-BRAINER.

It will sell on its own in stores for $67.95…

But when you order "Asa Akira Teaches Sex," it's yours for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

The next bonus you'll receive ABSOLUTELY FREE is called "The Simultaneous Orgasm"

A "Simultaneous Orgasm" is when both you and your girl have an orgasm at the same time!

This is EXTREMELY satisfying to a woman on a very deep, intimate level…if you are interested in having the kind of sex with a girl that will make her fall in love with you - even if it's the very first time you sleep with her - you MUST be able to master this…

It's also great if you want to rekindle the passion in a long relationship…she'll want sex every night if you can share this magical orgasmic moment together.

In this program, Marcus London & Kendall Karson take you through it, step-by-step, so you'll learn the technique for timing your orgasm EXACTLY to hers…you'll learn ALL the signs you need to look for to know when she's coming, and how to pace yourself so you climax right when she does.

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